Dispatches from the 2016 LCK Festival

Winners of 2016 Lowell High School Poetry Contest:

  • 1st place: Hailey Tran
  • 2nd place: Eddy Olu
  • 3rd place: Primena Oeur

Dave Morgan, a poet from Bolton, England, placed 3rd in Italian poetry competition in September. His poem entitled: "Let's Go Jack."

From Brian Hassett, in the Jack Kerouac group on Facebook:

In the Spirit of Jack — a spontaneous love ode that just flowed ...
to that thing they do in Lowell . . . ;-)

What's cool about LCK is — everybody's there for Jack . . . but all on their own terms.
Everybody has a completely different relationship with their family member.
You'll hear a hundred different stories
all by people beaming in front of you
radiating energy;
coming from England or Germany or France or Canada
or Indiana or Kansas or Florida or Texas
because of On The Road or Maggie Cassidy or Dr. Sax
because of Walt Whitman or America or Dr. Thompson
because of wanderlust or adventure or a Doctoral thesis.

There's all the guided firsthand tours you wanna ride,
and historians and scholars next to you wherever you roam,
and playful people off the clock just riffin in the beauty of the assembled happiness.

There's nonstop jamming and goofing and hugging interaction.
And there's a million places to go — both on maps and not.
Dr. Sax's woods
the Merrimack's banks
the cobblestone streets and brick building labyrinths.

And all the local Lowell Jacksters come out from their hidings —
for the weekend they can let their freak flag fly.
And everybody's got stories.
And you hear Jack lines you've read play back in your head,
as you walk with a krewe of your new best friends
from one scene to another
in places you've only imagined
and some you haven't even!

And it goes on for days ... and days ...
From the setting sunlit Worthen afternoon of Thursday —
leading into the epic "bar crawl" that climaxes at Cappy's with David Amram riffin' Pull My Daisy . . .
Until homeboy Bill Walsh's final walking tour on Monday thru the secret lairs of Pawtucketville
which weaves back into our Worthen clubhouse
where the worthy who made it all the way
hoist and toast until the jam is done.

It's Jack in the now.
Not in books.
Not online.

In person.
In front of you.
Right now.

Live it
lose it.

Pics from Gloria Polites:


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